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Orange arrow How do I get my flow rate if I do not have a flow meter, so I know what size meter to purchase?

  This is a great question. The flow rate is much more important for meter sizing than the line size in which the meter will be installed. The quickest way to do this is what we call a bucket test. You get a bucket that has a known volume or you measure out a known volume into a bucket and mark a ...
Orange arrow What is the difference between a 5/8 and a ¾ meter?

  Water meters have drastically improved through the years. Prior to some of these changes, the industry referred to a meter that could process flow rates of 1-20 GPM with a 13 psig pressure drop as a 5/8 meter. Therefore a meter that can handle 1-20 GPM with a ¾” NPT connection was refe...
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Orange arrow I do not have the room to install a water meter horizontally do you have any other options?

  Yes, we have several options for you that can be mounted vertically. Visit our Vertical Installation page to see a list of products that can be installed vertically:
Orange arrow Which water meters do you sell that are specifically approved by the state of Massachusetts?

  UPDATE: AS OF DECEMBER 2019 THE WM-PC AND WM-NLC SERIES METERS ARE LISTED ON THE MASSACHUSETTS APPROVED PLUMBING LIST. After reviewing the list provided through the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for the State of Massachusetts (link provided below), Flows.Com stocks several dif...
Orange arrow I see a "Ship Collect" option that doesn't charge for shipping. Is this free shipping?

  The Ship Collect option is for companies or individuals that have their own UPS account number that they prefer to use to bill the shipping charges to. With this option, the customer must enter this account number in the Instructions/Comments section in Step 5 of the order process. If no shipping...
Orange arrow Why is it recommended to install some residential water meters horizontally.

  For Multi-jet dry type meter: The measuring impeller and register are magnetically coupled not directly connected, it is designed to be installed horizontally to insure the actual meter accuracy stays within the published accuracy curves. If the meter is installed vertically the distance between t...
Orange arrow I received me water meter and it doesn't start at zero? Is this a used meter? Can I reset it to zero?

  Each residential water meter that is delivered goes through testing to be sure it is accurate and working correctly before we send it to our customers to use in the field. Our standard residential, mechanical water meters cannot be reset. If this is a feature you would like, you could get a water...
Orange arrow Are the 21 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valves Certified by NSF?

  The 21 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valves are not certified by NSF, however, they do meet the newest lead free requirements for potable water plumbing fixtures....

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