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Orange arrow What is the difference between a 5/8 and a ¾ meter?

  Water meters have drastically improved through the years. Prior to some of these changes, the industry referred to a meter that could process flow rates of 1-20 GPM with a 13 psig pressure drop as a 5/8 meter. Therefore a meter that can handle 1-20 GPM with a ¾” NPT connection was refe...
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Orange arrow Why is it recommended to install some residential water meters horizontally.

  For Multi-jet dry type meter: The measuring impeller and register are magnetically coupled not directly connected, it is designed to be installed horizontally to insure the actual meter accuracy stays within the published accuracy curves. If the meter is installed vertically the distance between t...
Orange arrow Can the WM2 water meter be used for residential water metering?

  No. The WM2 does not meet the new federal regulations for drinking water. Applications it would be great for would be for irrigation (where water will not be ingested), industry, cooling towers. If you need NSF 372 / NSF 61, Annex G certified you should use our WM-NLC Meter. If you just need Lead...
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Orange arrow I purchase a WM-NLC-075-R/1P meter with pulse output, my remote display is further then the length of wire that came with your meter. How do I extend the wire?

  The wire that comes with any of our water meters that have a pulse output is generally about 10 feet. If you need to extend this wire you may go up to a maximum of 2000 feet. You only need a light duty wire, we generally recommend thermostat wire or telephone wire since it is relatively inexpensive...

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