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Orange arrow Can my water meter be installed with the face down?

  No. Meters must be installed face up. Some meters can only be installed horizontally, and others can be horizontally or vertically....
Orange arrow Can the WM-PC Series meter be installed vertically?

  No. This meter is required to be installed horizontally with the face up. Here are some other meters that you might want to consider for vertical applications: WM Series WM-FAM-075-G-F (3/4" Only)...
Orange arrow Why is it recommended to install some residential water meters horizontally.

  For Multi-jet dry type meter: The measuring impeller and register are magnetically coupled not directly connected, it is designed to be installed horizontally to insure the actual meter accuracy stays within the published accuracy curves. If the meter is installed vertically the distance between t...
Orange arrow I live in Enfield, CT and I need to install a deduct water meter to get a credit on my sewer bill. What do you recommend?

  We have had many questions from Enfield Connecticut about our water meters. Your township does allow you to purchase a meter in gallons or cubic feet but we are hearing from a lot of Enfield Residents it is easier to go with the cubic feet water meter. We have looked at Enfield's online form for me...

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