Resettable meters

Is the WM-PC Series meter resettable?

No, not by itself.  If you add a pulse output to it and connect that to our KAL-D06, that would provide a way to "reset" your totals.  You would have a mechanical running total on the WM-PC meter and a resettable total on the KAL-D06 digital pulse reader (this reset can also be disabled).  We've packaged this unit together under the name: Residential Water Usage System

You will also be able to purchase this system with our WM-NLC Series lead free brass meter.


This is great for anyone that needs it to be reset. In addition, it's great if your meter needs to be installed in a tight or awkward position.  Simply connect the meter to the digital pulse reader and place that in an area that is easier to read (the meter comes with about 6' of wire and more can be added by purchasing Thermastat wire- up to 2000').

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