Meter starting point is not zero

I received me water meter and it doesn't start at zero? Is this a used meter? Can I reset it to zero?

Each residential water meter that is delivered goes through testing to be sure it is accurate and working correctly before we send it to our customers to use in the field.  Our standard residential, mechanical water meters cannot be reset.  If this is a feature you would like, you could get a water meter with a pulse output and connect it to an LCD Remote Display that is resettable.  We offer 1 option that is resettable.  It's the KAL-D06 and should be listed in the 'Accessories' column to the right of every mechanical water meter product page.

With this accessory your meter would keep a running total on the face and then have a digital readout that could be placed at, or at a distance, from the meter that could be reset as often as you'd like.


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