Enfield, Connecticut Deduct Meter

I live in Enfield, CT and I need to install a deduct water meter to get a credit on my sewer bill. What do you recommend?

We have had many questions from Enfield Connecticut about our water meters. Your township does allow you to purchase a meter in gallons or cubic feet but we are hearing from a lot of Enfield Residents it is easier to go with the cubic feet water meter. We have looked at Enfield's online form for meter reading and it does allow for gallons or cubic feet readings but we may be unaware of other forms that are not online.

There are a couple types of meters that are to be considered. One of the most important questions that needs to be answered: Are you going to mount the meter horizontally or vertically or don't know? If you are unsure of your mounting orientation select a meter that can be mounted vertically (These meters can be installed either way). The chart below should help you with your decision.

    Mounting Measuring Units
Meter Material Horizontal Vertical Gallons Cubic Feet
WM-PC Plastic   3/4" Only
WM-NLC Lead Free Brass   3/4" Only
WM-FAM Plastic 3/4" Only
WM Lead Free Brass 3/4" Only
T-10 Lead Free Brass 3/4" Only

A deduct meter is a meter used to measure all outdoor water usage and give a sewer credit for all water that does not go down the drain and into the sewer treatment system. These meters should be connected to all outdoor spigots and outdoor irrigation systems. Once you register your meter with the township of Enfield and start submitting meter readings you will get credit on your sewer bill for all water used in your gardens, lawns, pools, car washing and any other outdoor water activity.

For more information on the Enfield, CT deduct meter policies see these resources:

Sewer use fee information: http://enfield-ct.gov/319/Sewer-Use-Fee-Information

Deduct water meter information; http://enfield-ct.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/5985

Deduct water meter registration Form: http://enfield-ct.gov/FormCenter/WPC-Forms-14/Deduct-Meter-Registration-Form-67

Meter read form: http://enfield-ct.gov/FormCenter/WPC-Forms-14/Deduct-Meter-Read-Form-68


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